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Relaxation Training Courses

 When we started working with Relaxation Training Courses we were astounded at the results a short bodywork session engendered. This created the concept of the broader perspective and stress management has become such an in depth subject.  Currently the way society deals with stress anxiety and overwhelm is with education, meditation and mindfulness, which is certainly assisting, yet there are still a number of different untapped ways in which to pursue the well-being and calmness that makes a lasting difference.


 Our aim at Esencia Relaxation® is to provide the facility to be able to re instate a state of equilibrium, to educate and work with the client so they know without fail that there is more to be gained from being relaxed than they ever thought possible.

 Currently our reach is from  London , South West to Cornwall , Dorset and Devon, Essex, Bucks and Hampshire in the UK ,  Luxemburg in Europe, and Perth WA in Australia .


We are looking for Practitioners and Facilitators North of London and indeed, in any other areas where there are currently no or few Practitioners please look at the website for further information and dates of courses and get in touch with us.

 As Stress related illness in the workplace alone is responsible for huge numbers of lost hours and a great deal of financial loss to employers in Britain every year,  please see:

 At Esencia Relaxation® we know that a short course of bodywork (5-6) sessions will start to relax someone to the level where they are able to feel supported and function gradually with that support, if Corporate staff were able to be supported with the Relaxation Bodywork we offer at Esencia Relaxation® it will be a game changer, not only for the reinstatement of well being for the staff member but also the Company will benefit by having happy staff, who are able to perform at optimum.

 Our Relaxation Training Courses are designed with ease and practicality in mind, offering various levels of training either on line or live, to enable an Accredited course focusing on Relaxation to be offered worldwide.  Our  cumulative experience in the field of Relaxation amounts to approaching 40 years.

Course just for you

We can design a bespoke course for your business whereby we attend to facilitate education around Relaxation and well-being for your ‘spa’ staff – off site in a venue tba.  What is it worth to you to be able to support your staff with Relaxation Training Courses of this calibre?  What can we do for you?  Call us to discuss – we will be only too happy to share our Relaxation Training Courses with you, and or design a bespoke program for you and your staff/Senior Executive Level Programme.


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