YourRested Best™” with Esencia Relaxation®

The experience of relaxation is essential

Deepening levels of relaxation, initial steps that have been taken.

Guide your ‘breathing’ to be slower and more regular, say, breathe to the count of four, 1 2 3 4  in     and 1 2 3 4  out,

clients experience the beginnings of calm.

Taking action to change how you might perceive a stressful experience, notice how you begin feel a shift away from an anxiety state,

clients have said they experience a level of control.

To experience relaxation is essential

The Esencia experience,

 Whether you are maintaining a sense of well-being in your everyday life

 staying clear and relaxed in the workplace  

 looking for marginal gains in sport

The experience of relaxation is essential

If you can relax deeper then you can recover quicker

Everyone is different, Our practitioners will help you get back to a state that is optimal for you now,    your Rested Best®.

Each time you experience a session with 
Esencia Relaxation® you will take another step towards your optimum,     your Rested Best®.

So, incorporate the leading edge  

system of …  #1 Active-Intensive-Relaxation™

 into your Personal Health-Recovery programme.

With Esencia Relaxation® - just love to relax

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