How to Relax deeper.

Can you relax deeper?

Why do I need to?

There are both physiological and emotional needs for our bodies and minds to relax.  We need to be able to balance the competing demands in our everyday lives to maintain a sense of well-being and enjoy a healthy life.  Relaxation is key in achieving this balance.

How do I fit this in to my hectic lifestyle?

The facts show that as stress in the work place goes up, your performance levels will deteriorate and your personal health and well-being may suffer greatly.  This can influence how you feel about yourself and affect how you relate to others. Stress can cause considerable strain on your closest relationships without you even noticing the impact.  Learning to relax can help considerably.

How can I build relaxation into my routine?

Enjoying a walk, make space for yourself to have a break from your office, a change of environment often helps.  Simple, regular changes can make all the difference. For the more intense situations you may need more sustained help. Regular sessions of Esencia Relaxation© deeply relaxing bodywork will make all the difference.

What can you receive from relaxing?

To relax is to allow your whole body to recover naturally, to relax deeper will bring that recovery forward in your systematic (natural and automatic) full state of health, by lowering the effects of stress in your ‘systems’.

Why does recovering quicker help?

If you don’t take time to recover from all your activities you will quickly get tired.  Injury is often a result of over-exertion or prolonged activity without rest.  You may spend too much time doing things for too long which will lead to tiredness and result in core fatigue. If you can stay relaxed, or you can learn to relax deeply, you can recover quicker and perform better.  To be able to:

…the experience of relaxation is  essential.

If you can relax deeper then you can recover quicker

If you can recover more effectively at your core then your ability to perform can be sustained or ultimately improved.

Stay sharp, remain refreshed and keep up with the pace of your friends and colleagues.

Incorporate our leading edge…

#1 Active-Intensive-Relaxation™

…system into your personal health-recovery programme.
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